Supply Chain Analyst

  • Job TitleSupply Chain Analyst
  • LocationLeeds
  • Salary£28000 - £30000 - You love statistical analysis but you don't fit the stereotype

You love statistical analysis but you don’t fit the stereotype.

You love numbers and spreadsheets but this is so much more. This is a job where you can take the padlock of your desk and get into the factory where it’s all happening.

I don’t just mean popping in. I mean really getting involved, sleeves up, high viz on.

This is a manufacturer who mixes things at one end and amazing things come out at the other.

In other words it’s

Ingredients + mixing = finished product, with some complex stuff in between.

Here you will be helping to make things better and your numerical prowess will provide the evidence to do that. You will spend a lot of time in the factory, watching, learning, talking, challenging and you will do this across the entire supply chain.

You will improve yields by analysing the true cost of over producing and what that means for labour, packaging and storage.
You will follow the Quality Manager around, capture the data from mid batch testing, and whip it up into a cool report that makes your manager gasp.

Suppliers will want to hug you when your number crunching reduces batch sizes and consolidates orders.

Continuous improvement projects are plentiful. They are considered the norm but they need your spreadsheets to make them work, your analysis to turn gut feelings into facts.

You are probably working as a Supply Chain Analyst or a Management Accountant but hankering for more.

You’ll get more.

Training is plentiful and you are encouraged to develop. You’ll do your Yellow Belt and if you want to finish your CIMA they will support you.

They will invest in you and help you to achieve, it’s what they believe in.

If you want to hear more give me a call, send your CV if its ready but don’t worry if not, we can just chat first. Ali -01925 633212

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