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About Us

<p>Blue Oak Recruitment is an independent consultancy who specialise in Supply Chain, Sales &amp; Marketing, Operations, Technical, NPD, HR, Health &amp; Safety and Engineering roles across a variety of sectors.</p> <p>We offer a robust and thorough service and enjoy meeting with all of our clients and candidates face to face to understand not only the requirements of the role, but also to understand individual personalities and company aspirations so we can match Great Jobs with Great Candidates.</p> <p>We strive for long term relationships and believe the closer we get to a business the much deeper understanding and knowledge of what truly works. We can tailor our approach to suit you, without compromising our values of delivering fully researched, targeted recruitment solutions.</p> <p>With over 10 years industry experience we are well placed to match companies and candidates across a number of sectors and we are keen to hear from Clients and Candidates alike.</p>


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